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Video 1: Federally Regulated Urine Collection

Video 1a: Federally Regulated Urine Collection I-Pad Version

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Video 2: Donor refused

to sign

Video 3: Donor was Unable

to Void

Video 4: Temperature

out of Range

Video 5: Tampered


Video 6: Insufficient Volume

Additional notes on printing

Practice Test Documents
Please only complete the training documents for the laboratory that you have been enabled for
Many locations begin collecting Federally Regulated tests for only one laboratory and will be contacted at
a later date to train for any additional laboratories.

CRL Only Practice Tests

Quest Diagnostics Only Practice Tests

CRL & Quest Diagnostics Practice Tests

US Healthworks Practice Tests

Training Roster

Please have all collectors who have completed the training videos and practice tests sign the form below.
Once all of your collectors have been trained please email this form to training@formfox.com or Fax to 801-463-6792

How do I access help?

  • Having problems with our training videos or documentation?

  • Having problems with printing or equipment?

  • Need to order more specimen seals?

  • I have more general concerns who should I call?