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Updates 10/12/2017
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Updates 07/06/2017

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Updates 4/27/2017

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Updates 9/15

  • Refactoring of outbox process to improve performance and reliability. This includes cleaning up pending BAT, POCT & physicals, and also Concentra’s 4 hour rule (14036)
  • Implement new printing process for DOT collection to prevent multiple copies (14652)
  • Mask sample ID and add new verbiage for TOR and shy bladder paths for DOT wizards (14987)
  • “Favorites list” will allow users to manage lab accounts (14962)
  • CRL POCT changes to have collectors choose the device before entering the wizard, instead of current process choosing the panel first and then a device in the wizard.
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Updates/Bug Fixes 8/18

Urine Wizard
14533 TOR/Insufficient quantity tweaks- Additional messaging
Hair Wizard
14781 Amended verbiage in hair wizard to be different for Psychemedics & Quest Diagnostics collections
Account Book
14363 Add "Business type" for Clinical Reference Lab (CRL) collections started through the account book
This will allow sites using FormFoxPro and the Account book to begin CRL collections.
Mobile Wizard:
14725 Add print options from desktop wizard to the iPad non-DOT wizard.
13968 Notify users of multiple pending tests for the same donor at the end of the first collection
Once the collector hits the finish button on the first collection they will be taken back to the locate donor screen where they will be notified to complete the second pending event.
14489 CRL printing from complete list did not have "Duplicate" on the CCF
“Duplicate” will now appear on copies of the CRL chain of custody printed from the “Complete” tab.
14827 CRL collection tab order problem resolved
Resolved bug where: When beginning a collection for CRL, tabbing from the account number field does not take you to the next field in the entry form. The cursor briefly moves from account number to the donor id, but it then returns to the beginning of the account number
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Release notes for the 6/9/16 promotion:

Please note that the wizard changes are not applicable to the mobile wizard.

  • Added the US Healthworks default collection panel to work with the web service.
  • If there’s a barcode mismatch on manual entry (for a single specimen), clear the barcode so the user must type it again rather than editing the value. Also on manual entry, hide the text for bottle A so it can’t be copied to encourage collectors to look at the actual bottle.
    • Note: hiding the text is not functional in PSC environments (or other sites running IE8) right now
    • Non-DOT wizard only
    • Fixed a bug that allowed the 2nd sample in a ToR collection to have the same barcode number as the 1st.
    • We are no longer silent printing non-DOT CCF copy 1. Copy 1 will be included in the concatenated report to print along with any other selected CCFs.
    • We no longer allow the <enter> key to progress off the barcode entry fields. There was a bug that allowed a user to skip barcode validation.

System Updates March 2016

Drug Screen Collection Changes:
FormFox has updated the non-federal drug test collection wizards to more closely resemble the soon to be available federal drug test collection wizard.

  • Quest Diagnostics Wizard Changes: Quest Diagnostics collections will no longer be performed using the “Expert Mode” collection wizard. The decision to require the non-expert mode wizard for Quest Diagnostics collections was made in order to bring the non-federal collection wizard process in line with the soon to be available federal collection wizard process in FormFox. Users will notice the following differences in the Quest Diagnostics collection process:
    • The first change you will notice immediately upon opening the collection wizard is that the collection instructions will display for 5 seconds before the collector can proceed to verifying the donor’s information.

  • To more closely conform to the soon to be released federally regulated drug test collection wizard, all non-federal Quest Diagnostics drug test collections now walk the collector through each of the 5 steps of the collection process on 5 sequential pages.
  • Once the specimen has been provided, the collector will be asked to seal the specimen and scan the number on specimen bottle A (and, if it is a split collection, also scan in the specimen on bottle B). These numbers must match.
  • When collecting the donor signature, the donor will have the option to sign electronically, decide only to provide a wet signature, or refuse to sign all together.
  • If a donor refuses to sign electronically and will provide a wet signature, FormFox requires the collection site to print all copies of the CCF and sign them with a pen and ink
  • If a donor refuses to sign all together, a note is made in the remarks section of the CCF and the collector may continue the process.
  • The FormFox specimen ID will now appear in the heading of the signature capture windows for both the collector and the donor so that they can easily re-verify that the number on the specimen seal matches the one entered into the FormFox collection wizard.
  • The FormFox wizard will require the collector to print the lab copy before completing the test.
  • The collector can now select whether or not they’d like to print additional copies for the MRO, Employer, Collector and Donor. The donor may now request a printed copy of the instructions and Privacy Act statement
  • The donor copy can now be emailed or sent as a text message link to the donor.
  • The donor copy will include messaging that reads “Donor Copy – Do not send to Lab”
  • Specimens not sent to the laboratory (refusals, UNAB, etc) will now have an 'NS' or No Sample specimen ID.

Specific Urine Wizard Changes
  • The new wizard will include a set of “Yes” and “No” buttons that will guide the collector through obtaining the specimen. (i.e. was the donor able to provide a specimen? Is the temperature between 90 and 100 F? Is there a minimum of 45FL of Urine? Etc.)
  • The answers to each question will help FormFox better guide the collector into following appropriate “alternate path” procedure. Those alternate paths address cases where the donor is unable to void, the specimen temperature is out of range, or has provided an insufficient quantity.

Specific Hair Wizard Changes
  • Messaging will appear for on hair collection wizard indicating the appropriate hair collection protocol – How many strands are required, where the hair can be collected from, etc.

CDME (DOT Physical Exam) Wizard Changes
In order to comply with the recent FMCSA rule change – FormFox has updated the DOT physical wizard as follows:

  • The Patient Information page has been updated with four new Yes/No questions per the new FMCSA guidelines:
    • CLP/CDL Applicant/Holder? Yes No Driver ID Verified by:__
    • Has your USDOT/FMCSA medical certificate ever been denied or issued for less than 2 years? Yes No Not Sure
    • Have you ever had surgery? If “yes”, please list and explain below. Yes No Not Sure
    • Are you currently taking medications? If “yes”, please describe below. Yes No Not Sure
    • The patient will also be sign that they have reviewed the Privacy Act statement

  • The entire Health History page has been reworked to accommodate the new format of questions from FMCSA. Please be sure to review the questions and note the “Not Sure” option added to the answers.

  • The Weight, Vision page has minor changes to add the “degrees” label to the Horizontal Field of Vision, and to add two new questions regarding ophthamologist referral and documentation. The previous lower section of the form indicating the vision exam being performed by an ophthalmologist has been removed.

  • The Hearing page has been updated as follows:
    • The hearing aid question now has answer selections for Right Ear, Left Ear or Neither.
    • In order to clarify that the examiner should conduct either a whisper test or an audiometer test, the word OR was added between the two sections.

  • The BP/Pulse page has been updated to add a question: Pulse rhythm regular? Yes/No answer.

  • No changes were made the Lab page.
  • The Physical Exam page was reconfigured per the updated FMCSA exam questions and layout. Please review the new page, paying close attention to the new Normal/Abnormal answers. All abnormal answers still require comments to complete the section.

  • The Certification page has been updated as follows:
    • A new section was added for “Temporarily disqualified due to”, with radio button options for Determination Pending or Incomplete Examination.
    • A new check box was added to the right side of the page to indicate that the driver was “Grandfathered from State Requirements” in the case of an Intrastate only certification.

  • New forms for both exam form and driver card have replaced the previous versions of these documents:
    • New Medical Exam Report (Form MCSA-5875)
    • New Medical Exam Certificate (Form MCSA-5876)

System updates 11-5-2015

Drug Test Collections

  • Additional enhancements to DOT eCCF workflow in preparation for DOT "live" collections (pending laboratory NLCP approval)

Physical exams

  • Fixed a bug where physical exams were mistakenly subjected to DOT urine collection’s 3 hour suspension rule.
  • Altered the donor signature’s validation point to allow an exam to proceed beyond the history page without a the signature.
  • Examiners can now edit a completed exam without being required to re-sign, as long as the same user who signed originally is making the edits.
  • 3 hour suspend rule. We fixed a bug that re-set the 3 hour timer each time a test was set to suspend.

Signature pad

  • Topaz signature device is now compatible with FormFox Model:(T-LBK57GC-BHSB-R SignatureGem Color 5.7 Signature Capture Pad) . FormFox strongly recommends "e-Pad" see our marketplace for compatible equipment here).

System updates 10-9-2015

12841: Fixed a bug to allow mobile collections on the iPad
11590: Fixed a bug to allow collectors to print an MRO ccf for Psychemedics hair collections performed on the iPad
12848: DOT fixes
  • When a DOT test has been ordered via web service or FF Order, the Testing Authority section was missing from the wizard.
  • Non-Quest labs were not marking the Reason for Test box on the CCF.
  • Mark the box on the CCF for the 5-panel drug test.
12961: Fixed a bug for on the physical exam wizard to have BOTH hearing aid boxes be marked on the long form
12872: Enhancement for CRL wizard to allow non-US Healthworks sites access to POCT tests.
12954: Build functionality to have FormFox generated specimen IDs checked against the main test detail table, not just against the rec range table. This will prevent duplicate specimen numbers when an account has run out of rec range.
12831: Quest PSC observed collections restriction enhancement. PSCs do not perform observed collections, so we have prevented Follow-up & Return to Duty (DOT) exams from being allowed at PSCs. We also have prevented observed collections from being ordered to PSCs.
12957: FormFox batch print restrictions at Quest PSCs. PSCs will no longer be allowed to batch print ccfs.
12984: Quest ERO wizard fix to prevent users from completing the test before submitting a positive analyte, if they have marked the test as pending further testing.