FormFox Promotion 6-7-2013

FormFox General Enhancements:
1. FormFox Required Comments
This enhancement requires collectors to capture comments for any collection suspended because of a Shy Bladder or Temperature Out of Range.

The purpose of the required comments is to provide employers with more information regarding the collection.

2. FormFox Improves Interrupted Collection Process
When the collector logs out, times out or gets disconnected from FormFox and then logs back in with a collection in the ‘in process’ status and the collector selects ‘Go to Wizard’, then a pop up window displays the donor name and ID and asks if this is the donor the collector was looking for, click yes to return the current in process collection or click no to return to the Test in Process window. When the collector clicks yes, then the donor name and ID will auto-populate the wizard.

3. FormFox Improves Pending Collection Processing
The Pending list has been narrowed in function, so that it now includes only tests that are Pending, Scheduled, or newly expired.

A new page has been added to the navigation bar on the left, Open Collections, that will show all open collections, including tests checked in using Group Check-In as well as in process and suspended tests. The number of open collections will be displayed next to the link, and if there are any tests needing immediate attention the link will be red.

When a collector logs in to a site where there are collections needing attention, a popup window will appear with the list of tests needing attention and asking the collector if they would like to take care of the tests now, with a Cancel button at the bottom of the page to allow the collector to continue without addressing the tests.

4. Group Check-In Processing
The Group Check-In module has been enhanced to create a more uniform flow of tests across the FormFox application. Donors will continue to be checked in from the Group Check-In page, but the group list has been removed. A new page has been added to the navigation bar on the left called Open Collections. This will show all open collections, including tests checked in using Group Check-In as well as in process and suspended tests.
5. FormFox Improves Collections with Fewer Deleted Collections
The collector can return a collection to ‘Pending’ for any pre-order collection before the chain of custody is printed. These orders can no longer be deleted by a collector. This reduces the orphan results for a client who orders drug tests online and gets a result that does not have a corresponding order.

Quest Only Enhancements:
6. FormFox Improves Temperature out of range Collection Process
This enhancement provides an improved temperature out of range collection. The requirement to contact the DER is replaced with a second collection and required collector comments.

The changes to the FormFox Temperature Out of Range process changes to include the following:
1.) Removed the note: ‘If the DER…and complete the collection.’ The collector is not to call the DER.
2.) Changed the term ‘Temperature Out of Range – Substituted or Adulterated” to “Temperature Out of Range or Suspected Tampering’.
3.) Removed the text that reads; ‘If you need… contact DER’
4.) Removed the button that reads; ‘Suspend Test’ this is not needed as the DER does not need to be contacted and not an appropriate action when in a temp out of range situation.
5.) Removed the button that reads; ‘Discard current … new sample’
6.) Removed the button that reads; ‘Complete Collection’
7.) The only two buttons available for the first Temperature Out of Range are:
  1. a. ‘Complete collection and collect an additional specimen’
  2. b. ‘Complete collection and donor refused additional specimen’
  3. c. NOTE; if this is the second attempt after the first specimen is a temperature out of range collection and the temperature is still out of range for the second collection, then the only valid selection is ‘Temperature Out of Range’
  4. 7. Improves Processing Donor unable during additional attempts
Anytime the donor is unable to provide a specimen and leaves the collection site before the full three hours after the first donor unable, then there is a new drop down option a collector can select. The option is ‘Donor left collection site.’

Once the collector selects ‘Donor left collection site’ from the drop down, the remarks will be populated with ‘Donor left collection site’ and the status of the collection will be recorded as ‘Refusal’.

8. FormFox Improves Refusal to test Donor Collection Process
Anytime the donor is in a refusal situation whether it is a shy bladder or temperature out of range or leaving the collection site, a popup window displays for the collector asking: “Was the donor advised that leaving the collection site may be viewed as a refusal to test, Yes or No.” Once the collector selects either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, then the required remarks screen shall display.

The yes indication shall trigger the display of the following on the CCF; “Donor was advised that leaving without completing the collection may be viewed as a refusal to test.”

The no indication shall trigger the display of the following on the CCF; “Donor was not advised that leaving without completing the collection may be viewed as a refusal to test.”

9. FormFoxOrder.Com Collection Site Page Display
This enhancement breaks up the PSC and Preferred collection site categories into PSC, Preferred and Third Party on the collection site match page. This will reduce confusion when a user selects a collection site thinking it is a Preferred collection site and the invoice shows a higher rate because it is a Third Party collection site.

FormFox Promotion 2-6-2013

  • One Source is doing beta testing with a select client group and is not open to the general public at this time.
  • Fixed a bug that caused sites to show in the site search that weren't set up for the Laboratory being ordered.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented cancelling out of the test panel selection window.
  • Multiple panels can now be selected for CRL collections.
  • Psychemedics no longer allows manual CCF conversion. Please start Psychemedics collections from the account number instead.

FormFox Promotion 10-25-2012

  • Quest collections suspended for more than 5 hours will now be automatically closed
  • Omega CCF changes
  • Various minor bug fixes

FormFox Promotion 7-5-2012

  • Omega Labs is now in beta testing with FormFox!
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause audit logs to not show.

FormFox Promotion 4-27-2012

  • For training mode, users can now enter “TEST” as the sample ID for the collection.
  • Account book reporting features are now available to all account book transactions, including lab based tests.
  • Inventory usage is now being tracked for label stock used for plain paper collections.

FormFox Promotion 4-5-2012

  • PAML POCT CCF's have been added
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from saving reports to a file
  • Ordering comments entered on pre-ordered tests will now be displayed during the collection
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the hair specimen source from displaying on the CCF for Quest
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the reason for test from showing on the CCF for ATN DOT collections
  • Corrected the wording on the affidavits for users with signature pads that sign before the sample is sealed
  • Added email notification for users of FormFoxOrder to let them know if a donor doesn't show up for a test

FormFox Promotion 2-9-2012

  • Fixed a bug where collection details were not showing correctly when ordered on FormFoxOrder
  • Added the ability to report from the Account Book to an Everitest mail ID
  • Fixed a bug so that dates are being validated correctly in group check in
  • Added the ability to skip the donor's phone number when checking in with Group Check in
  • Updated the Account Book, when a page is updated the green text letting you know it was updated will now stay visible.

FormFox Promotion 11-30-2011

  • New DOT forms are now live
  • CSO's should now be validating correctly
  • Test devices can now be added for breath collections
  • Instant tests will now send the instant test report instead of the CCFwhen reporting results
  • Faxes should now be sending correctly in all cases
  • Tests should expire/not expire correctly for group check-in
  • PAML collections have Tox Comments added

FormFox Promotion 11-01-2011

Bug fixes:

  • Several minor bugs have been fixed, affecting the entering of dates, phone numbers and faxing of CCFs.
  • Issues with the capture and display of signatures have been fixed.
  • Several bugs affecting CRL collections have been fixed.
  • FormFox Order users are now able to check the availability of their desired usernames.
  • PAML specimen Ids are now correctly validated regardless of case.
  • A phone number is no longer required when changing a user’s password.
  • Group check in now correctly accommodates different lengths for account numbers.

  • Breath and Saliva Alcohol tests are now able to be collected using FormFox.
  • Plain paper collections are now able to be performed for Psychemedics.
  • Automatic re-order of forms has been turned off for Quest PSCs