Three Methods For Starting Quest Collections in FormFox

There are three options to begin the collection process. The collector should determine the method used based upon the circumstances of each collection event. Before starting the collection, the collector determines which one of the following circumstances is applicable:
  1. The donor presents the testing authorization form with the Authorization Barcode.
    • Enter the Authorization Barcode number into the Authorization Barcode field in formfox—access the donor information—proceed with the specimen collection.
  2. The donor presents the 5‐Part (old) Custody Control Form.
    • Select the option to start the collection using the donor CCF.
    • Enter the Account Number and Specimen ID number from the 5‐Part CCF
    • quest-barcode.jpg
  3. The donor does not have paperwork – The collector accesses formfox to search for a pre‐order (Authorization Barcode) OR uses the Laboratory Account Number.
    • Select the option to start the collection using the Laboratory Account Number
    • Enter the account number into the appropriate field, then complete the donor information fields.
    • Click the search button to query the formfox database for any pre‐ordered collection events based upon the information populated.
      • If matching records are found, review to determine if one of the records is the pre‐order for the donor.
      • If NO matching records are found, formfox will return a “no match” response. Proceed by clicking “Create New Test” button.